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The Ultimate Guide to Having a RELAXING Wedding Morning

Hi Loves! Today’s post is for my future brides out there! I want to start this off by saying I have never been a bride, howeverrrrrr as a vendor I have been a little fly on the wall at nearly two hundred weddings..and I’ve seen it all!

I’m a total hopeless romantic and I love everything wedding related. The dress, the glam, the flowers, the beautiful venues, the intricate detail, I love it all! Everyone is so happy, and you can truly feel the love. Not only between the happy couple but between the friends and family present.

However, I have seen some of the most beautiful weddings turn south quick..from things that could have been totally preventable! I have gathered so much experience over the years and I am here to give you the ultimate guide to having the smoothest and stress FREE wedding morning!

1. Hire a wedding planner, or at least a day of coordinator!!

Whether it’s day off or a full planning and design coordinator there is no better way to feel calm and relaxed gearing up for your wedding day than with the help of a wedding planner. This is the person you will be able to confide in with all your worries and questions and they will act as a guide through the entire planning process. If you have a day of coordinator it’ll ensure that your friends and family are not being pulled to help and can fully enjoy your wedding day along with relieving the stress for you and your partner!

2. Have your girls stay with you the night before the big day!

This ensures that no one will be late for their hair or makeup appointment the morning of the wedding! There have been countless times when bridesmaids show up very late for their appointment, and it sets the entire day behind. Also make sure you set an alarm the night before. There have been several times that I arrive, and everyone was still sleeping! Your girls should be up, alive, and ready to be worked on based on the start time your stylist provided.

3. Don't try anything new before the wedding day

I've seen allergic reactions to face masks, cuts on the bride's face from dermaplaning, & eyelash extensions that the bride hated because they were too full. Test any new beauty regimes a month or so before your wedding day to prevent any unfortunate outcomes.

4. Give someone else your phone!

You would be amazed at how many people text the bride the day of her wedding asking for directions, what time the ceremony is, or telling her something came up and they will no longer be attending the wedding. The bride doesn’t need to worry about this when she should be busy relaxing!! Give your phone to your MOH and have her take the reins for the day! If something is worth telling you, she will.

5. Try not to start hair and makeup before 7 am

Sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to start hair and makeup services early in the morning. But if possible, ask your stylist if they can bring an additional artist so you can start a little later in the morning. Your bridesmaids will truly appreciate the extra sleep and everyone will feel rested for the long day ahead!

6. DO NOT get drunk the night before your wedding!

Oh man, a hungover bride is not fun for anyone. I have seen it multiple times, and I always feel SO bad for her. Imagine putting all that effort and money into having a beautiful day just to feel like nauseated and sick!

7. EAT and drink plenty of water!

I would highly recommend providing BOTH breakfast and lunch for your bridal party. On your wedding morning, you're likely to experience some butterflies and and nervous energy. This often makes many brides not want to eat! However food is fuel and you're going to need some substance to make it down the aisle. Whether you get room service, catering, or postmates, you'll be thankful for the fuel. You and your bridesmaids will be happy and energized the entire day.. no one likes a hungry bride!

8. Pick a spacious getting ready area

So many venues provide awesome bridal suites to get ready in. However, sometimes a bridal suite is not available, and a hotel or air bnb is the only option. In this case, make sure there is a lot of space for your hair and makeup artists to set up, as well as enough room for your bridal party and family. Typically, a standard size hotel room is way too small, especially when the photographer and videographer arrive!

9. Limit the amount of people coming in and out of the getting ready area

There’s already going to be a lot going on the morning of your wedding. Therefore, I think the least amount of extraneous people coming in and out of the room, the better! Try to limit it to your bridal party, MOB, MOG, and anyone who you feel like NEEDS to be there in order to make your day perfect! You don’t need aunts, cousins, and the new baby in the family!

10. Make a playlist and bring a speaker!

This is key! It will help you relax and have fun with your girls! Mix it up with some relaxing songs and some songs to get the party started!

11.Give yourself a little wiggle room in the schedule

It’s very important to stay on schedule! If you run even a hour behind, that means making all of your guests wait a hour, or limiting the amount of photos you can take! Wiggle room will allow you to sit back, relax, and not stress about timing!

12. Make a checklist

A couple weeks before your wedding, make a checklist of everything you need to pack for your big day. It is such a bummer when people forget vital things like the marriage license- I’ve seen it!! Some other items currently forgotten are deodorant, a razor, accessories, the veil, a change of shoes, an invitation for your detail shot, etc.

13. Get rid of stressful people

If someone stresses you out (mom, sister, whoever) don’t let them ruin a day that’s supposed to be all about YOU! Before the big day, inform your MOH of the situation, and ask her to either keep this person away from you or to diffuse the situation if needed. I’ve seen so many brides and mom’s who have a bad relationship fight on the wedding day, and it breaks my heart!

14. Allow yourself to be pampered!

Drink champagne, get glammed, and don’t lift a finger! You have your bridal party to help you out, and you have hired professional vendors for a reason!

I hope this helps!



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