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Summer Outfit on a Budget

Hi Braiders! I hope you all enjoyed the long holiday weekend. I spent my Memorial Day relaxing at home with family, eating guac, and remembering those who have given their life in service.

Traditionally, Memorial Day marks the beginning of Summer. Let me tell you, I love Summer fashion. To me, Summer means flowy dresses, fun braids in my hair, and lots of whites and neutrals!

This outfit was fairly inexpensive. Especially the dress and the purse which were found at Marshalls. Yes, I am a basic bi*** and I’m obsessed with finding deals at Marshalls. I live for finding my next #MarshallsSurprise. The clogs and necklace are a little on the pricier side, but they are both staple items that I wear several times a week.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Free People Lilah Pleated Midi Dress $29

Free People is one of my all time favorite brands, but it’s so dang expensive. Whenever I see Free People at Marshalls I know I have to grab it!! Especially at a price like this. I actually ordered this dress online, and when I tired it on it did not disappoint. This dress is ultra comfortable, true to size, and it’s double lined so it’s not see-through. Bonus- the straps are removable so it can also be worn strapless. I can’t wait to wear this when styling hair!

Purse: Shiraleah Vega Tote $19.99

Another Marshalls gem. I’m Obsessed with this purse. It just screams summer. The wooden handles, the neutral colors, the woven detail. SO CUTE and so affordable.

Hair Accessories: Star Hair Pins from Amazon $8.66

These are so fun and perfect for any patriotic holiday! To apply these, just twist them into your hair. Word to the wise, tease your roots or have some texturizing product in your hair so these stars have something to grip on to. If not, they will slowly fall out.

Necklace: Mosaic Coin Necklace from Gorjana $65

Gorjana is my all time favorite jewelry store. Their brand originated in Laguna Beach and has a very minimalistic, Californian vibe. Their necklaces are great for layering and can be worn daily without tarnishing! They are 100% worth the price.

Clogs: Lotta From Stockholm Cross Over Clogs in Tan $75.58

Ok these clogs aren’t necessarily cheap but they are simply the BEST! They’re made in Sweden and are excellent quality. I’ve had these clogs for four plus years and they are still my go to summer shoe. I actually wear these shoes a lot when I’m styling hair at weddings and standing for 6+ hours. They have excellent arch support, and they don’t hurt my feet at all! These clogs are a great investment and will add to any Spring or Summer outfit.

There you have it everyone! This outfit was extremely affordable and is perfect for the hot weather coming our way. Have an amazing day!



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