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Five Must Have Hair Products!

Updated: May 22, 2020

We all want that perfectly imperfect look that we see on social media- the gorgeous beach waves, the chunky braids, the messy bun, and the flawless power pony. However, when many of us try to recreate these styles on ourselves at home, the look often falls flat and does not look like the inspo photo. What you may be missing in order to achieve your dream hairstyle are the right products!! Products are going to give you the grit and texture you need to help your styles last all day long!

As a bridal hairstylist, I have experimented with countless hair products. Some have been too sticky and heavy, while others have been too light and didn’t do much to help hold the style. However, there have been FIVE products, that as soon as they came into my life, I knew I couldn’t live with out them!

When I’m looking for a product, I’m looking for something lightweight, buildable, versatile, and easy to use. These five products are exactly that…and on the plus side they all smell AMAZING!

The five products I am listing below have become must haves for me working on clients and working on myself. They can help turn a basic look into a beautiful hairstyle and will help your style HOLD. How do you think I get my braids so chunky without them falling apart?!- product! I hope you use these products to create a new style, or to amplify a classic look!

1. TEXTURIZING POWDER- My favorite is by Kristen Ess ($10) I also like The Big Sexy Hair (lite), and Puff Me


I call texturizing powder my fairy dust! I use this product on almost every single client.

It’s that product that every client asks, “What’s that? And where can I buy it?!”

Texturizing powder is a fine white powder that almost has a tacky feel. The main purpose of this product is to add grip and grit!

I specifically like the Kristen Ess texturizing powder because it’s not as sticky as other texturizing powders that I have used. I also love the pump feature! The best part is you can find it at Target and its only $10! This product will last you a long time!


TEASING: It’s great to apply a texturizing powder to the roots when teasing, it will get you the volume that you want! This is great for updos!

BRAIDS: This powder is a braid’s BFF. My favorite time to use texturizing powder is on braids- it helps thicken them up!! I sprinkle this product on all of my braids and pull the braid apart (aka pancake the braid). Texturizing powder allows the braid to stay intact while pulling it apart and gives you that chunky braid look that everyone swoons over!


A little amount goes a long way. Too much of this product can make the hair feel sticky and heavy. Start with a little bit, and you can always add more!

2. DRY SHAMPOO - Batiste ($6.49)


Who doesn’t love dry shampoo?! Some may say it’s like coffee, but for hair! Dry shampoo allows us to go days without washing our hair, without looking greasy! I love Batiste’s dry shampoo because I feel like it really absorbs the oil in my hair well, and its extremely cheap! You can find it at most drug stores!


-To absorb excess oil near the roots on day 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5, or 6 hair! I don’t judge!

-you can also use this product before braiding or styling to give your hair more grit!


-Spray a few inches away from your roots

-Brunettes be careful with this product, it can leave that white residue look. I recommend applying this product to your roots and running your fingers through it vigorously to help the visible white residue diminish.

-Use this product to help you achieve the perfect messy bun!

-With Dry shampoo, it’s okay to go with drug store brands! Try a few out and see what works best for you!

3. BEACH WAVE SPRAY- Kristen Ess ($14) or The Beach Waver’s Shubie spray ($12.60)


I could not decide between these two products because I love them both so much! So I guess it’s technically 6 products I can’t live without… but I am cheating and counting these both as one- hehe!

I loveeee me a good beach wave spray! However, I do not like beach wave sprays that are too crunchy/ salty- they dry your hair out and make it look like you have that “scrunched” look from 2005, and that was a rough time for all of us. I love BOTH of these sprays because they give the hair a beautiful shine and piecey look- without the crunch! They also both smell incredible!!!


I generously spray either of these products to DRY hair after forming beach waves with a curling iron, or onto natural waves!

If you’re looking for more of a hydrating mist that still provides texture, go with the Shubie spray- it has coconut oil and is super hydrating!

If you want more shine with beautiful seperation- go for the Kristen Ess Brand. This might be one of my all time favorite products and I wish she would make a perfume of the scent because it smells THAT GOOD.


-Do a nice hair flip after you apply the product and run your fingers through your hair! Hello beach goddess!

4. TEXTURE SPRAY- My favorite is Kenra’s Dry Texture Spray #6 ($22)


This is another product that I use on almost every client- especially those who want a boho look. Its great for clients with fine and flat hair, because it’s going to give you that extra texture, grit, and volume that you need to style! This spray is also very light weight and buildable- meaning you can apply is generously as your styling without the hair becoming sticky and unworkable.


- Whenever you need more texture and fullness!

- I love using this product when creating braids and updos!

- I also like to prep the hair with this product. I section the hair and apply a generous amount to the roots for some extra volume before starting to curl or style


-apply from root to ends

5. HAIRSPRAY- Kenra Volume Spray- super hold 25 ($18.50)


The Kenra 25 hairspray is the Greek God of hairsprays. Almost every bridal hairstylist I know uses this, because it truly is the best in the business! I honestly don’t really like using hairspray as I’m styling hair, and if I do its a very light weight spray. This is because as you’re styling, the hairspray can make it hard to manipulate the hair. The Kenra 25 hairspray is a super hold finishing spray, so it is perfect for locking in your style at the END when you’re detailing and adding any finishing touches. It adds the maximum amount of hold, without it looking crunchy or sticky. It is the perfect hairspray for anyone to have in their haircare collection. It’s a best seller for a reason- it works!


-As a FINISHING spray to lock your style in and the END!

-You can also apply it to your roots after teasing to help lock the tease in


-Less is more!- if you put too much or spray it too close to the hair, it will look crunchy.

-I know this hairspray is more expensive than what you’re normally used to but it will last you forever and It’s totally worth it!

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions or need further guidance!

Tag me in any gorgeous hairstyles you create!



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