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12-Minute Circuit and Workout Braids with Ashley Flores

Hi braiders! At the end of this post, you will find a quick 12-minute full body circuit that requires zero equipment. Made by my gal pal and fitspo, Ashley Flores. You might know her on Instagram as @Ashleyfloresfit.

Before styling Ashley’s hair, I asked her what her ideal hairstyle is when working out. She said anything to keep her hair out of her face, and I couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing worse than being mid workout and having your hair fall out! There have been countless times that I have been going hard on the treadmill and my top knot unravels down my sweaty back. This is SO annoying and worst of all it interrupts my workout.

So what is the ideal hairstyle for any workout? My answer for you is BRAIDS! Braids are secure, sweat proof, and stylish!

These are some of my favorite workout hairstyles that will be great for hot yoga, spin, HIIT, or cardio. These hairstyles will help you stay cute from the beginning of your workout to the end, because who has time to worry about hair when feeling the burn?

1.Pull through braid/ or French braid down your back

I love pull through braids because they have that loose chunky braid look, but they are SO secure! Pull through braids are held in with several clear elastics- so it’s guaranteed to last your entire workout no matter how thick and heavy your hair is. You can even sleep with your braid in and have it last the next day (it may get a little frizzy if you do this, so wear a shower cap or head scarf to bed). I LOVED this braid on Ashley because she has the most beautiful long hair! The great thing about this hairstyle, is that you can rock it with any hair length! If you don't have any clear elastics on hand, try a basic French braid!

Outfit details: Top- lulu lemon, no longer available. Bottoms

2. Three Strand Braids Into a Fishtail

This is a great style for keeping your hair out of your face! It’s a lot more secure than just a top knot, making it a great option for cardio.

Outfit details: top, bottoms

3. Braid Into a Pony

Who doesn’t love a power pony? Spice up your normal pony with a chunky braid! I especially love fishtails because you can pull them part easily, yet they’re still secure!

For this style simply part your hair to the side, and braid along your hairline. You can either do a three strand braid or a fishtail braid as pictured here. Braid your hair all the way to the end and secure with a clear elastic. Put the braid and your remaining hair in a pony!

Outfit details: top, bottoms

4. Braided Pigtails

These braided pigtails are another great option for long or short hair. Leave some face framing pieces of hair down for a lower impact workout, or put them back into the braid for a high impact and sweaty workout.

Outfit details: top, bottoms

5. Braids Into Low Buns

This hairstyle is great for a super sweaty workout! All of your hair will be off of your neck and out of your face!

Outfit Details: top, bottoms

There you have it everyone! I hope you're inspired to try out some fun braids for your next workout! Now it's time to sweat!

All photos taken by @emieduran

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